Aldabella Ragdolls

Welcome to our website, we have designed it to introduce you to the wonderful world of Ragdoll cats, and hope that you find them as enchanting and as interesting as we do.

The Ragdoll cat is a large breed of feline, best known for its easy-going and mellow nature - possibly the most loving and agreeable type of cat.

The Ragdoll is an excellent choice as a pet, and we can say that after owning 4 ourselves. We are learning more and more about the breed - by attending shows and meeting and talking to other breeders we are gaining valuable experiences.

We are now breeding Ragdolls with our own stud boy cat, called Dexter, and occasionally we will have pet kittens for sale to loving indoor homes only.

Congratulations to Lucy with Sabrina and Casper on winning again

at the cat show this week!

Well Done